Playtagon is a mobile game developer that was founded in Zihron Yaakov, Israel, in Fall 2013 by two just arrived returnees from Ukraine and Russian Federation. The only thing that united founders was passion about making an oustanding mobile action multiplayer game. And all Playtagonians are the professionals who are passionate about what they do.
Pavel Agoshkov
Founder & CEO
Mark Jacobson
Founder & CTO
Boris Klimov
Art Expert
Dmitry Danilov
Vlad Taranov
Software Engineer
Denis Ivanov
Oleg Seferov
Software Engineer
Vlad Burdziakivskyi
Software Engineer
Alex Medved
Dev Ops
Heroes Rage is a fast-paced mobile multiplayer game, where players fight against each other in short but super exciting 2 minutes battles.
Heroes rage
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